about us

Artist Paloma Garcia fell in love with permanent make-up when she herself went out to deal with her
own issues. She loved the idea of waking up with filled and natural looking brows that she decided to
make it a career. She is passionate about helping others feel more confident. She believes in making
changes in your outer self, will help you feel better on the inside. She was trained by Dr. Sandra Cardona
who has over 20 years experience and has worked alongside the softap creators and was trained directly
with them.

Who is it perfect for

Any woman who uses eyebrow pencil/makeup will love having the permanent make-up. It will look
more natural or bold depending on your choosing, but won’t need to be applied every day! If your
brows are really sparse, permanent make-up can save you about 15-20 minutes every morning.

-If you wear makeup every day, or feel “washed out” without 
-If you are tired of applying makeup every day and removing every night
-If you need to pencil in or fill in your eyebrows and have trouble drawing them on 
-If you have sparse areas in your brows and want them to look fuller
-If you have no brows and want a nice set 
-If you work out a lot and have problems with smeared makeup-
-If you have allergies to traditional makeup
-If you have had surgery or injuries and want to cover scars
-If you have lost hair due to chemotherapy

There are many more applications for permanent makeup than those listed here. Young and old people
of any race or gender can have SofTap® applied.

Popular Procedures

We can make you look and feel fuller, younger, and more colorful.

Softtap Technique

Eyebrows and eyeliner are done with the softap technique and softap brand colors. The colors are so
natural not even your best friend would never know you had them done.

The softap process by artist Paloma Garcia is not a permanent tattoo. She enhances your brows or liner
by hand not by machine. The result is never harsh, but soft and flattering.

The result is realistic, natural and very anti-aging, yet it is for all ages. It is possible to correct and
enhance each facial features and create symmetry.

The softap process lasts forever. However, unlike a tattoo, the brow design itself can be changed and
updated frequently if desired.

Men get SofTap® too!

The most popular treatments for men are:
· Soft, subtle eyebrow fills—pepper your eyebrows with a bit of natural pigment and you can look ten years younger in just one treatment.

What is SofTap®? Is SofTap® Right For Me?

Of course it is!

SofTap® is right for anyone who wants permanent makeup, but wants it done gently, naturally, and

The Softap process by artist Paloma Garcia is not a tattoo. She enhances your brows by hand, not by machine. The result is never harsh, but soft and flattering.

All Permanent Tattoo Cosmetics are custom pigmented to match your skin color and undertones.  All of our color pigments are FDA-approved and made to United States consumer safety standards. As a result, and also due to facial plastic surgery procedures, the color pigments are designed to gradually fade over a period of years. UV (sun exposure) will expedite fading and the area will require re-tattooing.

eyeliner / eyebrows corrections

All corrections require a consultation to determine the price, the amount of treatments and the length
of time to correct the area. Tattoo retouch is required at four weeks after your initial visit at no charge.
Tattoo retouch beyond four weeks requires a consultation to view the area in question and determine
the price.

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Scheduling an Appointment

All appointments require a consultation with Paloma and a 50% deposit is due at the time of scheduling.
A minimum of one-week advance notice of cancellation is required for changing or rescheduling your
appointment and prevents loss of your deposit. The balance of your service is due on the day of your

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